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Microlearning makes educational learning and corporate training more effective by focusing on the critical elements of any subject area. Concentrating on fewer but more important topics will help your students retain knowledge for longer. In microlearning, learners receive bite-sized, small learning units filled with the information they need to reach a goal.

Increases focus and long-term retention by up to 80%.

It's a more engaging learning experience

Learning in 3-7 minutes corresponds to humans' working memory capacity and attention span.

Microlearning enhances on-the-job training by providing the information a learner needs at the right time (and place).

But Why

Use Flashcards?

They engage your brain in an active recall, which helps it remember terms, concepts, and processes without context clues.

Learning through this method makes stronger neural connections in your brain. It makes you remember information for a more extended time.

Because our nursing experts design these flashcards, they cover the most essential and high-yield questions.

Thousands of flashcards to cover all NCLEX topics

Learn about specific skills for your job by going through the particular topic of cards.



Like to listen and learn on the go? Take the PodPulse with you. Our informative series of podcasts cover all the must-know topics for the NCLEX and beyond.


Interactive Case Studies

Get familiar with the NG-NCLEX with interactive case studies that prepare you for the real-life scenarios you'll encounter in your new job.

Upskill In Multiple Areas

We have flashcards covering various areas of nursing and are constantly adding new ones.

Medical Terminology

Maternal And Newborn

Adult Medical-Surgical

Safety and Infection Control


Health Promotion and Maintainance

Leadership and Management

Pharmacological and Parenteral


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