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Specialized Searches

Our matching algorithms quickly bring specialized talent to the surface, and will align talent that meets your requirements and fits your team culture.


Built by the creators of ArcherReview, our assessment module predicts retention outcomes, identifies high-potential talent, and keeps the best candidates engaged for you.

Process Efficiency

We believe recruiting should be straight-forward, hassle-free, and highly scalable. With more than 100,000+ active nurses, we make it easy to find that perfect match in no time!

Pipeline Development

We capture the nursing audience before they even pass the NCLEX and can activate pipelines of student, early-career, established, senior, or advanced practice nursing professionals that will feed your organization for years to come.

Brand Scalability

Your digital reputation matters now more than ever.  Our Customer Success team helps position your brand to attract nurses that share your values, engage with your mission, and can deliver the high-quality care your organization already embodies.

How We Work

More than a hiring platform: The PulsedIn Hiring Strategy

We know the global nursing labor shortage is not going away. Learn more about what PulsedIn is doing to create the workforce of tomorrow.


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Combat understaffing, reduce burnout, and address turnover with the only platform that aligns nursing candidates to your organizational culture. Start building your network today with PulsedIn: the Network for Nurses.

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