Learning That Ain't Boring!

You can use PulsedIn to create private groups for your nurses to keep them up to date and help them upskill in a fun environment using our innovative microlearning modules.

Free Upskilling Resources

You can prepare for the NCLEX and interviews with our microlearning tools such as flashcards, podcasts, and quizzes. Learning a little each day will make a huge difference.

Quick communication

You can create dedicated groups for your nurses and share valuable information, notices, announcements, and educational content.

Manage content in one place

You can easily organize and track the content you provide to your nurses.

Want an efficient way to upskill your nursing skills?

Just join PulsedIn and create custom groups for your students.

But Why


Microlearning makes educational learning and corporate training more effective by focusing on the critical elements of any subject area. Concentrating on fewer but more important topics will help your students retain knowledge for longer. In microlearning, learners receive bite-sized, small learning units filled with the information they need to reach a goal.

Increases focus and long-term retention by up to 80%.

It's a more engaging learning experience

Learning in 3-7 minutes corresponds to humans' working memory capacity and attention span.

Microlearning enhances on-the-job training by providing the information a learner needs at the right time (and place).

Don't just take our word for it.

See what others say.

Ann Rutledge

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