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Hard-working Nursing Students

We can help you learn relevant material and stay ahead of the curve so you can pass the NCLEX, pursue your dream job and thrive in your new nursing career.

Ambitious Licensed Nurses

Our objective is to help you build your career, your skillset and your network with resources designed to keep your skills sharp and facilitate meaningful discussion amongst your peers.

Active Nurse Managers

We provide a community for your team where nurses can connect with their peers, maintain their accreditation, stay abreast of changing requirements, and strengthen relationships with each other.

Performance-Focused Educators

We can help you provide your students and employees with digital spaces where they can interact with you and enhance their performance through microlearning and innovative modules.

One Platform, Multiple Benefits

PulsedIn is an Edtech, micro-learning and social platform for Nurses. We are a community that believes in helping one another and challenging each other to grow. Our free multi-utility social network for nurses offers unique microlearning EdTech tools to help you prepare for the NCLEX and your nursing career. Available for Nurses and Nursing Students across the globe, PulsedIn equips you with tangible and actionable tools to enhance clinical learning, strengthen your public profile, develop specialized skills, get noticed within your network, and build a pathway toward your dream job!

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